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I hope this Muscat foodie guide gives you a good idea of what you can do and eat when you visit Muscat, Oman. I will focus on the delicious food you can eat in the city, where to stay and what to do when you visit. In this article, I will share some of the things I did and ate during my visit to the capital Oman and the most popular tourist destination.

Dates are a big part of Oman's food culture, as are most in the Middle East, and you have a great opportunity to try them out on a trip to Oman. The most delicious restaurants in Muscat are the best places to sample the best dishes of Oman. Your warm welcome in Oman begins with a cardamom - a coffee with infusions and a cup of coffee with dates in it.

Unlike other Arab cuisines, food in Oman is not spicy, and the meat available can be camel or goat in the desert, with spices. The basis of Omani food is a rice dish made with rice that never becomes too strong and is freely used, seasoned with rose water, saffron and nuts. Halwa is one of the most popular dishes in Oman, cooked from starch and sugar to a thick, sticky paste and seasoned with herbs, spices and spices such as cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves. It is made by stirring sugar and macerate starch in boiling water and then adding flavor. It is a gelatinous sweet that is much enjoyed both in Oman and throughout the Middle East.

On the street in front of the Mutrah fish market, fishermen grill well - seasoned with grilled whole fish sold by the kilo and served with hummus, flavonoids and salad. While a few Lebanese - style meze - are also vegetarian, your most reliable chance to get full is to find a cafe that serves Indian or vegetarian dishes.

Other similar biryani dishes you might find are Saudi kabsa kebsa and kibsa, also known as maqboo machbus. It reminds me a lot of Gambian Benin, but it is a bit more complex and not as sharp as the traditional version. In a roadside karak shop, you can get a bowl of kabobsa or a plate of kebab, a dish of rice and vegetables and a glass of water.

If you choose African cuisine, cassava is served with chapati and fried chicken. Goo, a specialty of the kitchen, with vegetables and beans that simmer in coconut, fried fish and a glass of water.

Other dishes served during the Eid celebrations include various skewers grilled over charcoal, such as lamb, beef, pork, chicken, lamb and pork ribs. The lamb is cooked with rice, the pork and the chicken with a side of rice and a glass of water.

In Oman, these dishes are typically accompanied by spices such as saffron, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg and cardamom. Chicken Dijaj is one of several other types of meat available, with the name laham (literally "meat") derived from its origins in Salalah, which usually means beef or lamb, but can also mean goat, salalah camel or camel. The most common is mishkak, a rice dish served with fried onions, fried onions, caramom (cinnamon) and coriander, and boiled or fried chicken or fish. It is found all over the country, smells like a barbecue and can be seen with grilled lamb or with chicken, squid or shrimp, cooked with Omani spices and sometimes served in a spicy tamarind sauce.

If you want to taste authentic Omani cuisine presented by one of the best chefs, you should visit this place. The sea bream is absolutely delicious and is quickly grilled with lemon-garlic butter. I have the grilled lobster with garlic, which is delicious, and the Turkish - grilled lobster with garlic in Turkish is 9.500 Omani rial (20 euros).

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This time - intense dish is prepared by killing a mixture of rice, meat, vegetables, spices, salt and spices such as turmeric, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and cumin and served with a side of chai, which is often served in communal bowls to eat together. Makbous is a dish with spices - seasoned rice and meat and vegetables, seasoned with spices and usually served on a couscous bed. Saudi version of masala or tea made from evaporated milk, sugar, oil, garlic and salt. The best dishes are served with labne, which comes with nigella - seeded Turkish bread and a variety of vegetables and herbs.

Common dishes include chicken skewers in garlic sauce and chopped, seasoned lamb kebab, as well as cabbage with chicken and pork. Most keBabs are served in places that also offer other classic Lebanese mezes, such as the classic mezze in the city of Dhahran and the traditional mezzanine.

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