Muscat, Oman

Welcome to Muscat

It is capital and largest city of Oman. The economy of Muscat comes through trade, petroleum and porting. The weather of Muscat remains Humid and sunny for most of time, so best time to visit Muscat is during November to March. There is season off during April to september due to rise in temperature.

Where to visit

  • Mutrah sauk:  The name of this is given after darkness, as the sun rays find it difficult to find their way to enter due to crowded stalls and lanes. It is one of the oldest markets in Arab.
  • Grand Masque: It is one of the biggest Masque in Oman. It allows the entry of non muslim visitors which is very rare in Arabian Mosque.
  • Sultan's palace: this is residential address for monarch of Oman but sultan do not live in the palace. Tourists are not allowed to enter the palace.
  • Royal opera house: It was the first opera house in Oman. The building contain theatre, auditorium and art centre. 
  • Muscat Gate Museum: This is situated above the gate of old Muscat. It tells about the history of Oman particularly about Muscat. 
  • Bait – Al- Barbad: it is quite interesting museum of Muscat. It gives all information about the geographical formation of the Muscat.
  • Al Alam palace: Al Alam palace of sultan qaboos of oman is situated in old muskat. This palace has history of over 200.

Where to stay

  • Shayari la barr al jaisa resort and spa Akhyan: it is one of the most exclusive resorts of Muscat. Thus, hotel has private beach, huge pool and sea facing rooms.
  • Al bharan palace: this is beach front resort spread in acres of palm gardens. There are four tennis court, five outdoor parks in the hotel.
  • The chedi: this hotel covers 21 acres with palm gardens. The buildings of the hotel are white and constructed in moorish style. 
  • Midan hotel suits: They provide good rooms with tasteful furnishing beautiful interior, free Wi-Fi and air conditioned rooms.